• Non-Toxic & Chemical-Free

    The eco-friendly solution for getting rid of pests. No zapping, completely chemical-free, and no weird smells. Absolutely safe for your family and pets!

  • Effective & Immediate Results

    Extremely fast acting & easy to use, just plug it in and start killing bugs in less than 24 hours! Within one week you will see a noticeable reduction.

  • UV Pest Control Technology

    • Insert the Filter Pad in, and plug into wall.
    • Let the UV light draw insects in.
    • Replace filter once it’s filled.
Shieldeck® BuzzTrap - Smart Flying Insect Trap
Shieldeck® BuzzTrap - Smart Flying Insect Trap
Shieldeck® BuzzTrap - Smart Flying Insect Trap
Shieldeck® BuzzTrap - Smart Flying Insect Trap
Shieldeck® BuzzTrap - Smart Flying Insect Trap
Shieldeck® BuzzTrap - Smart Flying Insect Trap
Shieldeck® BuzzTrap - Smart Flying Insect Trap
Shieldeck® BuzzTrap - Smart Flying Insect Trap

The BuzzTrap™

Smart UV Flying Insect Trap

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1-Year Hassle-Free Warranty

1-Year Hassle-Free Warranty

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • Light Bulb type:

    UV Fluorescent Bulb, 25.000h lifetime

  • UV Wavelength:

    365 nm

  • Input Voltage:

    AC 110-120V

  • Power:


  • Product Dimensions:

    8.7 x 3.5 x 4 inches

  • Product Weight:

    0.62 lbs

  • Color:

    White Matte

  • Material:

    ABS and metal

  • Area of Protection:

    300 square feet

  • Environment:

    Indoor Use Only

  • Certification:

    EPA Approved

  • EPA: 97422-CHN-1


  • Package Contents:

    1 x Wall Trap device
    5 x Sticky Pads
    1 x USB Cable (1 meter length)
    1 x User Manual

    Product Information

    Eliminate all pest activity within 24 hours and achieve total control within a week. Safe, chemical-free, and easy to maintain with no messy clean-up. This makes it the top choice in pest control solutions.

    • Noticeable bug reduction in under 24 hours.
    • Kills Gnats, Fruit Flies, Mosquitoes, Flies, Moths & More.
    • Superior LED 5W UV Technology
    • 100% Safe for your family and pets.
    • Rotating plug fits any outlet.
    • 3 Adjustable Light Modes
    • Silent Operation
    • Easy sticky pad replacement

    What's Included

    • 1x BuzzTrap 2.0
    • 5x Sticky Pad Refills
    • Instructions Manual

    How It Works

    BuzzTrap™ 2.0 sets the gold standard in indoor pest control. Featuring a superior 365nm LED UV technology twice as poweful than standard 2-3W models. Offers a significantly higher efficacy in attracting and eliminating flying pests.

    BuzzTrap™ 2.0 Specs

    • Power: 5W
    • Wavelength: 365nm (highest attractant)
    • Installation: Rotating Plug
    • 3-Light Modes: Full Power, Sleep, OFF

    Shipping & Returns

    Your order is processed within in less than 24 hrs and includes FREE expedited 3-DAY Shipping from our warehouses. With your purchase of the BuzzTrap 2.0 you get our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results, simply return your device with no questions asked. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of UV light does the lamp emit?

    The Shieldeck® Fly Trap uses a superior 5W LED UV light that effectively attracts house flies and other flying insects commonly found indoors

    How is it different from a traditional bug zapper?

    1. Silent Operation:
    Uses sticky pads instead of electric grids, eliminating the loud zapping noise.

    2. Chemical-Free and Odorless:
    Relies on UV light without chemicals or scents, making it safer and eco-friendly.

    3. No Messy Clean-Up:
    Traps insects on sticky pads for easy, clean disposal.

    4. Safer for Families and Pets:
    No risk of electric shocks, making it safe for homes with children and pets.

    5. Versatile and Adjustable:
    Rotating plug fits any outlet with three adjustable light modes for optimal placement.

    6. Long-Lasting UV Light:
    Equipped with a durable 5W LED UV light that lasts over a year.

    7. Effective for Indoor Use:
    Ideal for rooms up to 400 square feet, perfect for kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.

    What type of insects does it trap?

    The Shieldeck® insect trap is designed to attract and trap a wide variety of flying insects, including mosquitoes, flies, gnats, fruit flies, moths, wasps, and other flying pests.

    How is Shieldeck® different from other products on the market?

    Shieldeck® is different from other insect traps on the market in several ways. It is completely non-toxic, chemical-free, noiseless, and odorless, making it safe and environmentally friendly. It also uses a highly effective UV fluorescent bulb that can attract flying insects from a range of up to 350 square feet.

    Are sticky pads included in the box or do I need to buy a pack separately?

    Yes, the Shieldeck® insect trap comes with 5 sticky pads included in the box, so you can start using it right away. When the sticky pad is full of trapped insects, simply replace it with a new one. Additionally, you can buy them separately through this link: Replacement Sticky Pads.

    Do the sticky pads emit a scent?

    No, the sticky pads used in the Shieldeck® insect trap are completely odorless and do not emit any scent or fragrance.

    How long does the light last for?

    The UV fluorescent bulb used in the Shieldeck® insect trap has a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours, which means it can last for years without needing to be replaced.

    What size room will the Shieldeck Insect Traps work in?

    The Shieldeck® insect trap is designed to cover a range of up to 350 square feet, making it ideal for use in small to medium-sized rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

    Did You Know?

    Mosquitoes are the world's deadliest animal

    1 million humans per year...