1. What type of UV light does the lamp emit?

It comes with an CCFL light Bulb, which uses a 365 nm wavelength, designed to entice flying insects, while being completely safe for humans and pets.


2. Does it need to be always plugged in to work? 

Yes, the trap comes with a USB cord, so it can be plugged in on any wall adapter, power bank, laptop, etc. It does not have a battery, so it must be plugged in.


3. How long does the light last for?

The light has a life of 25,000 hours. If you use it for 10 hours a day, it should last over 7 years.


4. Can it be used in countries with a 220v power source?

Yes, since it works with a USB cable, you can plug it in any type of wall adapter, powerbank, or laptop.


5. What type of insects does it trap?

The GlowTrap is designed to trap flies, fruit flies, gnats, moths, wasps, and mosquitoes mainly. Nonetheless, it can also work with bigger insects such as bees.


6. Are sticky pads included in the box or do I need to buy a pack separately?

Yes, we include 5 glue boards in the original product, and you can buy them separately at our website.


7. Where can I buy more sticky pads?

You can buy more sticky glue pads at www.shieldeck.com


8. How much electricity does it use? Will it break my utility bill?

The lamp has a power consumption of 5W, so no, it will not break your utility bill.


9. Do the sticky pads emit a scent?

No, the GlowTrap is completely odorless, and it does not contain any chemicals. Therefore, it is totally safe for your family and pets.


10. Is this trap safe for my family and pets?

Yes, the GlowTrap was designed using a special 365 nm UV light technology, that doesn’t cause any harm to humans or animals.


11. Can I use this lamp outdoors?

This lamp was designed for indoor use, nonetheless, you could still use it outdoors, but it will be less effective, and it’s not waterproof.


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