About Us

Every Buzz-Free Minute Counts.

No person should spend its days fighting annoying flying insects, nor suffering from the diseases they might carry. 




Why it started

We created Shieldeck because we believe that no one should have to be exposed to harmful chemicals to get rid of the pest at our home or office, neither to the diseases these insects might bring.


Our mission

We strive to improve the ways of fighting pests by creating smart and eco-friendly solutions that do not expose us to any harm or toxic chemicals while effectively getting rid of annoying and dangerous pests.



Our Fuel for Innovation

The world of pest control can be very confusing, and even though every other industry has been adapted with technology, pest-control is still using old-fashioned methods such as chemical repellents, sticky straps, and hazardous electric zappers.

This understanding gave birth to Shieldeck®, an innovative company created with the purpose of finding smart and safe solutions for killing pests.

We found ourselves creating the GlowTrap and then the WallTrap, The Next-Gen Indoor Fruit Fly, Gnat, Fly, and Mosquito Traps. Designed to attract, trap and kill any type of small flying insect, without using any chemicals or toxic products, being completely safe for your family, pets, and anyone around it.

Making it the #1 Solution on How to Get Rid of Gnats, Flies, Fruit Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths & Wasps available in the market. 

And we did not stop there, we decided to give this product a unique design that will give life to your place, looking like a modern decorative nightlight.


What lies ahead

At Shieldeck we will continue to create and improve the ways of fighting pest, utilizing technology to find solutions in which we do not have to expose ourselves to any harm just to get rid of pest, and giving our support to the world in any way we can.


We are based in Miami, Florida. 33160. United States. You can contact us at support@shieldeck.com or call us at +1 (866) 806-7525.